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Purnakam Agri - Bio Tech is manufacturer and marketer of Purnakam Bio-fertilizers in a liquid form. We are backed by a team of qualified technicians, hi-tech laboratory with advanced facilities and modern technologies.

Our team of senior agricultural scientists has in depth knowledge of this field. We always try to give industrial shape to Indian agriculture by adopting hi-tech integrated approach in a scientific manner for benefits to farmers. We are involved not only in manufacturing and marketing of Bio Fertilizers but to provide proper guidance with scientific knowledge in practical solution.

Use of Purnakam Bio-fertilizers for modern high tech agriculture

Now there is an urgent need to have crop production based on consumer’s preference and export oriented requirements. Of course our agriculture is progressing fast in this direction but we will have to provide world class technologies and quality organic inputs/fertilizers to the farmers for large scale adoption for organic farming or integrated nutrient management.

For instance, air that we breath largely contains mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. It has almost 79% nitrogen. Study indicated that about 80,000 tons nitrogen is present in the atmosphere of one hectare land. However animals, birds and even human being do not use it directly. But plants can make use of this nitrogen directly through different micro organisms such as Azotobacter, Rhizobium etc. Besides this, 80-85 % of phosphate and potassium chemical fertilizers applied in the soil are not being used by crop plants.

After their application in the soil, they get fixed on the surface of soil particles in such a way that they are made non available to the plants. Now to make them available to the plants, these Purna Phospho and Purna Potash bacterial cultures stabilize & mobilize P and K elements in the soil and made them available to the plants. Plants require about 16 different elements for its optimum growth and development. Among these N, P and K are major nutrient elements while S, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Mg, Ca, Bo, Mo, etc. are minor nutrient elements.

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